Are you a Peer or an Inc? Platform builder or participant?

Seek out the excess capacity, open it up, and turn scarcity into abundance.

It might be yours or it might belong to others. It might be physical, temporal, virtual, process related, network related, or experiential. Focus on excess capacity first. Then:


Peers Inc, the book: Part ii Execution

Chapter 6: From Scratch        
Learning, Power Sharing, and Building a Peers Inc Organization

Chapter 7: For the People
Engaging Government

Chapter 8: Embracing the Change
Evolving Legacy Institutions


“Clear-eyed, practical and radical insight from a visionary who has already built part of our future. This is just the beginning.”

— Seth Godin, Author, It’s Your Turn
The entrepreneurial enthusiasm throughout is contagious and inspiring with the emphasis being on collaboration and skill gathering.
— —Library Journal, Meghan Dowell