The size of the climate challenge, the speed with which it is worsening, the diversity and scope of a world of 7plus billion people is enough to make you feel depressed and daunted. We need to apply Peers Inc solutions, and take advantage of what this organizational structure can make possible.

The Three Miracles

  • Because we are leveraging excess capacity, we can scale exponentially.

  • Because we build on a platform, we can learn and improve exponentially.

  • Because we rely on a diversity of peers, the right person will appear.

Peers Inc is the organizational structure for our times. It enables iteration, adaptation, and evolution. 


Some Examples

Crowdsourcing Solar Apps for the US Department of Energy

“A remarkably comprehensive, and extremely clear, guide to the world’s new logic. I’m less interested in how these peer networks make money than in how they make change; as Robin Chase points out, if we’re going to fight climate change we’re going to need just about everyone engaged. Here’s a recipe!”
— Bill McKibben, founder and author of a dozen or so important books.