We are in the middle of an economic transition, from the old industrial economy to the new collaborative economy.


The rise of the Internet has made it simple to find, organize, and access the small, the individualized, the local. Peers Inc combines the best of people power with the best of corporate power. 

The "INC" delivers on industrial strengths, that require significant scale and resources. 

The "PEERS" deliver on their strengths -- localization, specialization, customization.

When Incs and Peers focus only on what they do best, each handling what is difficult, annoying, or just plain impossible for the other, the resulting collaboration is compelling and sometimes miraculous.

“Peers Inc will change our ideas about how the economy is shaped and will transform how we work, build businesses and crack pressing societal problems.”
— Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail
The framework represents an AND in a world dominated by EITHER/OR. Individuals AND corporates. Digital AND physical. Local AND global. Every time the book comes to an either/or, it makes an ‘and’ of it, and that is incredibly useful when it comes to dialogue and debate on this and related subjects.
— J.P. Rangaswami, Chief Data Officer, Deutsche Bank

Some examples


is building face-to-face community at scale.Thousands of meetups take place every day in 180 countries around the world. New York City—where Meetup the company is headquartered—is the meetup capital of the world, with 1 million people (that’s one in every eight New Yorkers) participat­ing.  


 is a people ­centric partnership, opening up the possibility of a new lo­calized, customized, specialized economy as delivered by the people. Etsy unleashes the talents of artists and craftspeople, giving them newfound agency, new corpo­rate powers, and access to a marketplace. Etsy's community is over 1 million creative makers, three­ quarters of whom are women, and almost half have never sold their goods before opening up an online shop on Etsy.